Unforgettable Naples: The San Carlo Theatre (Part Of The Unesco World Heritage) And The Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) With Its Original Interiors

“There is nothing all over Europe that comes close to this theatre or even gives the faintest idea” – Stendhal, 1817

The San Carlo theatre in Naples is the oldest opera house in the world and UNESCO declared it a world heritage site. You will be amazed and left speechless by its architecture, decoration and red velvet interiors.

It’s a sublime work of art, built in 1737 by Charles III of Bourbon, who wanted a new theatre for his city, a theatre that could be a symbol of the royal power. That’s why this marvelous structure was built right next to Piazza del Plebiscito (an emblematic square in Naples), 41 years before Milan’s La Scala and 55 years before Venice’s La Fenice.

It was placed on the north side of the Palazzo Reale (the Royal Palace) and the two buildings are connected by a passage that leads to the Palco Reale (Royal Box).

Stendhal was so impressed by this magnificent theatre that in 1817 he described it with the following words: “There is nothing all over Europe that comes close to this theatre or even gives the faintest idea”.

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The next stop of our tour is the splendid Palazzo Reale. Among its most remarkable elements you’ll see:  the 169 metres tall façade designed by the architect Fontana, the Royal balcony with the banners of both the House of Bourbon and the House of Savoy and eight statues of the most important kings that ruled over the Kingdom of Naples, overlooking the breathtaking Piazza del Plebiscito.

We’re going to walk through the oldest rooms of the noble floor, now housing the Museum of the Appartamento Storico, where you will find the antique furniture previously owned by the royal families: the Teatro di Corte (Court Theatre), the beautiful Sala degli Ambasciatori (the Chamber of the Ambassadors), the Sala del Trono (the Throne Room), the Sala d’Ercole (the Room of Hercules), which was made into a ballroom in the 18th century, the Cappella Palatina (Palatine Chapel), conceived for sumptuous religious ceremonies and later used to house the Naples Conservatory of Music, and a priceless collection of works of art.In the evening: return to Rome

The itinerary is cured by licensed tour guides of Napoli



✔️ Meet your guide at: Naples railway station, the Feltrinelli bookshop

✔️ Access to: Teatro San Carlo, Palazzo Reale.  

✔️ Itinerary: Neapolitan walk with a historical and mythological itinerary

✔️ End of the tour at: Palazzo Reale

✔️ Duration: full day

✔️ Language: it/en

✔️ Visit fee: €30.00

A minimum participation of 20 Members is required

Members are informed that the visit to the Teatro San Carlo is managed by the staff during the activities of the Theatre (rehearsals, activities in the Hall…). Therefore, path variations may occur.



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✔️ Assistance and full day guided tour

✔️ Authorized guide for the province of Naples reserved for Members

✔️ Entrance tickets for Teatro San Carlo and Palazzo Reale

✔️ Earphones

✔️ Insurance

✔️ Lunch/tasting is at the choice of the Members, according to their preference; therefore, it is NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

✔️ The Association is pleased to provide information on the most representative places of Neapolitan gastronomy.

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